Transformed messaging:

Targeting an increase in downloads by showing value

My role on the project.

McCoy helps users create video reels to make their job application stand out, but their landing page for the app was mixing messages for different audiences.

I researched the user group to understand their problems and the language they use, transformed the messaging to speak to the users' needs, and led the project.

I shared insights from my research and collaborated with the developer/CTO, legal counsel, and the CEO to develop the messaging.

The landing page stating "Show the real you. Nail the application. Get the interview." with bullets highlighting the value to the user.

My landing page solution for the McCoy App.

Jobseekers feel unseen and unheard

To understand the problems jobseekers were experiencing and the language they were using, I dove into secondary research.

One insight was that jobseekers at the applicant stage feel unable to make themselves stand out in the highly standardized world of resumé-based applications.

They wish they could differentiate themselves somehow. They feel that if they could only get to the interview, they would have a much better chance of showing how they could shine.

Shouting into the void

Research showed that the experience of the modern jobseeker is to spend hours applying to jobs, and sometimes to never know if their application was seen by anyone.

The McCoy app creates value for jobseekers by making their application memorable and human, and hopefully, by getting them an interview.

I designed the voice and wording to better represent both what McCoy offers, and the real value it provides to its users.

A differentiator that fits into the process

In my landing page content redesign, I showed jobseekers the value McCoy could offer them.

I crafted the brand voice to reflect both the needs of the users, as well as the values and vision of the founders.

The new voice principles for McCoy are:

Authentic  |  Connected  | Responsive

The new landing page

The full above-the-fold landing page, highlighting the value proposition.

The focus is on the value to the user, based on content research.

Lower down the landing page, showing how McCoy helps users get noticed, get guidance, and get ahead.

Framing the features by their value.

Feature overviews with a header that reads "Compelling career content. Endless do-overs."

Video content creation can be intimidating for many users.
I reassured users that there is support for different preferences and personalities.


The clients were very happy with our work on the McCoy landing page.

McCoy is at early stages, so we don't have a lot of data yet. But they're about to engage in marketing which should give us traffic to assess how well the site is driving downloads.

I'll give an update once I learn more!