Improved profile completion rate: Kwickadee (now Hopp)

My work on the onboarding for the dating app Kwickadee increased their profile completion rate by 65%.

I led the project

Only 20% of Kwickadee's users were completing their dating profiles. I figured out why, and led the redesign of the project, which also included a UI designer and a developer.

I worked closely with the client and researched user language and concepts to design purposeful content for the onboarding experience (also App Store and navigation, not pictured).

My solution (in the shaded areas).

Users came for a solution, but they didn't stay

Kwickadee is a dating app for in-person meetups, with no in-app messaging. It gets you in front of your matches to see if there's a spark.

I conducted secondary research which confirmed that the problem Kwickadee solves is important to users. They're frustrated with how many people use online dating apps just to pass the time, chat for days or weeks, and then ghost.

But if users hated the endless messaging so much, why weren't they using the app that would let them actually meet their matches?

Information in the experience was imbalanced

The client proposal was to rewrite his 7 onboarding screens.

The onboarding was overloaded with information about why one might want the app, what it does, and how to use it (including reference to the UI).
To understand why, I looked at what came before and after.

I found that the App Store screens were not being used strategically. Because of this, the onboarding was doing the all "selling".

However, as these users had already downloaded the app, the onboarding merely created friction and caused drop-off.

I presented the client with a counter-proposal and rationale for a totally different vision than his original request.

Once he was on board, I targeted the profile completion rate by designing the right content for the right parts of the user journey.

This included content for:

The 7 original onboarding screens

7 app screens cluttered with images, text, and graphics.

A loaded baked-potato of information.

The new onboarding, using a light hand to let users know how to get started

The new onboarding - 3 screens that highlight the unusual primary action while reinforcing the unusual function: "Don't let in-app messaging waste your time. We take dating offline. 1, Match with real people in your area. 2. Choose a spot to meet, add date details. Ready? Send a Kwickdate Blast to all your matches! The first match to respond gets the date info and heads to meet you.

The extra info was moved to when it might be needed in the experience.

I also partnered with the UI designer to redesign the App Store content.

Strategic design of the content transformed the experience

The profile completion rate rose from 20% to 85%.

Downloads also increased, although that coincided with marketing so I don't have a clear percentage.


I had to risk losing this gig to offer the client different work than he was asking for, because I saw the problem differently than he did.

It reminded me that clients are relying on me to speak to what I know, even when it's different than what they initially ask for.

My client's review:

My five-star review from Kwickadee's CEO: "I cannot say enough good things about Mary. Seriously. Every once in a while you meet a gem of a person who takes the time to research and understand the goal and problem you are trying to solve. She brought up points and ideas that I hadn't even thought of to arrive at our final solution. She was super flexible and easy to work with and ultimately delivered high quality work. Kudos and thank you!!! Looking forward to more collaboration in the future!!"

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